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Packaging UBXI


Before proceeding, please make sure you have followed our creation/development guide.

While the details of the implementation of an UBXI DE are directly tied to it's base DE, the pacscript for
unicorn-desktop-git should be used as a reference for UBXI packages. The full pacscript packaging guide can be found on the Pacstall wiki.


All of the dotfiles needed for the configuration of an UBXI DE must be placed in a git source repository, preferably on GitHub or GitLab, similar to how the Unicorn repository is structured.

Packaging Standards

All UBXI packages must follow the UBXI naming convention:
ubxi-{environment}-{platform}-git, where:

environment is the DE/WM base, such as: gnome, phosh, kde, awesomewm, etc

platform is either desktop or mobile

Additionally, all UBXI packages must include rhino-ubxi-core as a pacdep.

All UBXI packages are to be submitted to the pacstall-programs repository for testing and review by both the Pacstall and Rhino Linux teams before approval.

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