Rhino Linux Bug Tracker

Find issues and news surrounding bugs found in Rhino Linux

Report or search for bugs

To search for issues relating to Rhino Linux, or report any, feel free to browse the appropriate GitHub repository for a list of bugs and issues. Some bugs will have their fixes posted directly in the open issue.

If you need help opening an issue, please follow this guide.

OS & Installer: Tracker
Unicorn Desktop: Tracker
rhino-pkg: Tracker
Your System application: Tracker
Setup Wizard application: Tracker
RhinoDrop: Tracker

How to open an issue?

The first step is to figure out the cause of the issue, and open it in the correct repository. If the issue is with the desktop environment, open it in the Unicorn Desktop repository, for example. All repositories are listed above.

If you have not made a GitHub account and signed in, now would be the time to do so. If you do not wish to use GitHub but would still like to report a bug, then contact us through our Discord or Matrix, and we can open it for you.

If you have made a GitHub account, then you can find the green "new issue" button near the top-right. Afterwards you will be prompted to fill out a bug report template, or if you would like to open a blank issue. If you are reporting a bug then please use the template provided.

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