Unicorn Desktop

Unicorn Desktop is a modified XFCE experience designed to be both traditional and modern.

XFCE becomes modern.

The Unicorn Desktop combines the best of the traditional and modern takes on the desktop experience. Ready to serve both powerusers and beginners alike, the Unicorn Desktop is a force to be reckoned with. Based on XFCE, this desktop experience is lightweight and fast, but 100% powerful.

Built with user experience in mind, we have hand selected the best components to provide a lightweight system that works in perfect harmony. Plank dock and the XFCE panel have been chosen. With sensible defaults and a new take on the desktop, you will be able to work efficiently with ease.

Take control with uLauncher.

The Unicorn Desktop uses a modified version of uLauncher, a lightning fast app launcher and directory browser. Just type "/" or "~" to begin searching through your directories. uLauncher also provides "fuzzy search" options.

A beautiful new App Grid.

Our application grid, Lightpad, is a simple and powerful application launcher that is Wayland compatible. We have made modifications to the theming of Lightpad to integrate perfectly into Unicorn and Rhino Linux.

A whole new dashboard.

You can switch between virtual desktops with ease. We have loaded in Xfdashboard, with many minor tweaks and improvements. Xfdashboard brings a gnome-shell like virtual desktop and èxpose built right into XFCE.

Intuitive shortcuts.

Unicorn utilises intuitive keyboard shortcuts, so power-users never even need to touch their mouse. The app grid, Lightpad, can also be navigated utilising the arrow keys. Our keyboard shortcuts were designed with intuitivity in mind. You do not need to move or utilise two hands to use them, as all of the keybinds are accessible with one hand, from the super key. Each keybind also corrolates to the first letter of it's intended function.

Super + A - App Grid

Super + S - Search Bar

Super + D - Dashboard/Èxpose

Tiling shortcuts.

Super + Shift + M - Turn window into parent

Super + Left - Focus on the previous window

Super + Right - Focus on the next window

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