Ubuntu Based. Rolling Release. Community Maintained. Open Source.

Rhino Linux is a rolling release Ubuntu-based distribution with Pacstall & XFCE at its core.

Why Rhino Linux?

Rhino Linux re-invents the Ubuntu experience as a rolling-release distribution built on a stable desktop environment. Pacstall is at the very heart of the distribution, providing essential packages such as the Linux kernel, Firefox, and distinctive Rhino Linux applications and theming.

We use sane defaults. The XFCE Desktop environment is used for its stable and rock-solid base. Pacstall, our package manager of choice, will always provide the latest software, even those unavailable in the Ubuntu repositories, and our custom XFCE configuration provides a unique and modern experience, so that you can begin using your computer, immediately.

Your experience matters

Rhino Linux is dedicated to providing the best desktop experience possible. We have carefully created a set of graphical applications, and command-line utilities, to be able to cater to your everyday needs.

A sane desktop

Rhino Linux comes preinstalled with it's own in-house desktop experience, Unicorn, a custom built XFCE desktop experience combining the best of the traditional and modern takes on the desktop experience. Unicorn is both fast as well as elegant.

Perfect for developers

Developers will fall in love with our vast software repositories which are always up-to-date. User-repositories such as Pacstall can help provide development libraries that are critical for your project. With codium preinstalled on your system you can begin doing what you do best, instantly.

Adaptive to any workflow

Whether you prefer the traditional floating windows, or are a fanatic of tiling window managers, Unicorn is perfect for you. With optional auto-tiling you can easily toggle between floating and tiling at the press of a button.

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