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Docker Images

For rapid containerized development of Rhino Linux, we provide Docker images served through the ghcr.io registry. These images ship with rhino-server-core as their base version, and are built for both amd64/x86_64 and arm64/aarch64 architectures. They can be reached from the following tags:

ghcr.io/rhino-linux/docker:latest - The most recently built image.

ghcr.io/rhino-linux/docker:${YYYYMMDD} - Daily built images on our GitHub, between 00:00-01:00 UTC. YYYYMMDD can be any date 20240106 or later.

ghcr.io/rhino-linux/docker:${YYYY.MV} - Images built and tagged when we release specific milestone versions. YYYY.MV can be any version 2023.4 or later.

For quick setup information, select your platform below:

If you have not already done so, install Docker Engine* or Docker Desktop.

*For Rhino Linux and Pacstall users, Docker Engine binaries are provided (for both amd64 and arm64 architectures): pacstall -I docker-bin

Run the following command in a terminal to pull the image:

docker pull ghcr.io/rhino-linux/docker:latest or another specified version.

Then, you can run the following command to start it:

docker run -it --net=host --privileged ghcr.io/rhino-linux/docker:latest bash

You can also use Rhino Docker Builder to manage our images.

To use rhino-docker-builder, first clone and enter the repo:

git clone https://github.com/rhino-linux/docker && cd docker

Rhino Linux and Pacstall users can also instead install from the command:

pacstall -I rhino-docker-builder-git

Now, to pull and start* an image, we can run:

./rhino-docker-builder -p -t -v latest or another specified version.

Or if installed through Pacstall:

rdb -p -t -v latest

*To pull without starting, drop the -t flag.

If using only Docker Engine with rhino-docker-builder's building function, it is highly recommended to also install the Docker buildx* plugin.

*For Rhino Linux and Pacstall users, Docker buildx binaries are provided (for both amd64 and arm64 architectures): pacstall -I docker-buildx-plugin-bin

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