Brand Guidelines

Rhino Linux is more than just a community, it's an idea. The fundamental belief in free software is our identity. By utilising our brand correctly, you help us convey our message the way it was indended.

Colour Palette

The colour pallette defines who we are, from our logo, wallpaper and GTK theme.


Our Logos

Logos are a point of identification. They are synonymous with our brand. We want our users to instantly connect the sight of our logo to the memory of Rhino Linux and what we stand for.

Our Wallpapers

The desktop wallpaper is the first thing a user will notice about their new operating system, that is why we have designed unique wallpapers to match our branding.

Textless Logo
Text logo
Text logo

Text logo
Text logo
Text logo

Text logo

• Our wonderful logos, colour pallete and wallpapers were made by our dev oklopfer